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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  September 5, 2012 11:30pm-12:05am EDT

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the shot with your hot quarterback here. >> al: and romo throws. and that is caught. and that's ogletree. >> cris: guess who? >> al: for a first down to the 39 yard line. and taking us to the 2:00 warning. and almost to a dallas victory. >> cris: justin tryon again. >> al: the kid from queens, ogletr ogletree, with the night of his career. and dallas up by seven at the 2:00 warning.
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>> al: michele with an interview at the end of the game on the wendy's post-game report. bob, tony, and rodney with a look at the game from their perspective. and we will take a peek ahead to sunday night. so the dallas cowboys can run out the clock. they can fly home. they will have come in here and they will have a week and a half off. they next play in seattle a week from sunday. and the giants will next play here a week from sunday against tampa bay. for the cowboys it has been nothing but frustration, desperation, and the rest. and tonight ogletree, who until recently was not really officially the third receiver. that was up for grabs. and what a night he has had.
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with two touchdowns, eight catches. and he's been the star. >> cris: well, and now think about what this does for the dallas cowboys offensively. as jason witten gets back in there for them. dez bryant, miles austin on the outside. now who do you -- that's what the hope is. and throw in demarco murray, who i thought had a brilliant game tonight. jason witten said we have to get guys to share the burden, can't put the whole thing on tony romo. tony romo put this team on his back tonight but he had a lot more help this evening than he had a season ago. >> al: so for jerry jones, we mentioned this last year, the team he didn't want to see last year was "us." they've been terrible home and road. but i think we're back in the good graces, at least for a month or so. >> cris: everything they did was right. they get the two new guards in
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and the running game works. but two new corners and the move of bruce carter into the linebacker position gives them two speedy linebackers, two bump and run corners on the outside. this is a different dallas football team. >> al: dallas cowboys come in, they don't know about witten with the lacerated spleen, austin, and bryant had played so little. ogletree had not been a character that was going to become a star in any of his prior seasons with these guys. and all of a sudden ascends tonight. here's garrett, whose team was coughing up lead after lead over the past year and a half. and they come in here and win it on opening night. 24-17. and the wendy's post-game report on the other side of the break.
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welcome to the wendy's post-game report. here now, bob costas. >> converting a key third down, romo to ogletree to deny the giants one last chance to tie
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it. the cowboys come into metlife stadium and win 24-17. michele tafoya is standing by with tony romo, kevin ogletree, and demarcus ware. here's michele. >> tony, you come in here to new york. you're facing the defending super bowl champions. big environment. how did you guys overcome that and play as well as you did? >> well, our approach is to take it one play, one day at a time and get better. and good or bad play, you've just got to keep doing it. disregard it, go to the next play and keep going. and whether you're playing in a parking lot or in giants stadium against the world champs you've got to be able to execute the plays. i think our team has done a great job taking that approach day in and day out and it's been exciting to see. >> end of the second quarter you guys score your first touchdown and from that point you put your foot -- you know, your pedal to the metal and kept going. what was behind that? what changed? >> i think you need to have that killer instinct, especially against a guy like eli and the team they have.
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when they lead we've got to battle and come back and you just have to really have that killer instinct and say we've got to do it now, it's time. so we kept having that approach each play. >> tony, thanks. someone who did that tonight and proved it was your guy kevin ogletree over here. you came in, kevin, with 25 career catches, no touchdowns. you had your first two career touchdowns tonight. how do you explain the success with tony? >> just work. we've put in the hard work, like tony said. day in and day out, off-season, training camp. and you know, it's good to develop that continuity with your quarterback and the offense. and we felt good out there for the first game. and you know, we're going to try and keep rolling. >> there had been some questions in the off-season, who would be the cowboys' number three receiver. what did you expect coming into tonight? >> just to, you know, be at my best, do whatever it takes to help my team and be accountable. we're going to see if that continues, and we're going to play it like that. >> thank you so much, guys. let's turn to demarcus ware. what a performance by the defense tonight.
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how did you guys keep pressure on eli manning all night long? >> you know, we sort of went back to the old game. and sort of seeing how he can linger around a little bit. we started on otas and mini camp and training camp just really trying to get pressure on the quarterback. that's what we had to do. we had to get it in key situations, and we did. >> and you did. two more sacks tonight. you're over the century mark. second fastest to that number behind the late great reggie white. personally what does that accomplishment mean to you? >> it's an honor when you say anything about reggie white, how he played the game, his demeanor, i'm trying to model myself the same way. it's just an honor to be even mentioned with his name. >> two big additions to the defensive backfield, wrandon carr and mo claiborne. what did they do tonight that was special? >> they made eli hold the ball a little more. he couldn't go off his first and second reads. gave the pass rush a lot more time to get there and create a little bit of havoc out there. and just having that opportunity
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to have morris claiborne and brandon carr and all those guys on the same page was just awesome. >> congratulations on the win. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> all right, michele, this is the ninth year that the defending super bowl champion has had the honor of opening up the nfl season at home. the previous eight the defending champ at home had won every time. the dallas cowboys come in here and upend that trend. coach, how did they do it? >> well, we said at halftime, bob, both teams were ugh struggling running the ball. one of the quarterbacks was going to have to get hot. and tonight it was tony romo. dallas made the decision to go after these dbs -- >> i really felt like this was the turning point, this is where tony romo gained his confidence. tight man-to-man coverage and threw a bullet right to dez bryant. >> and then this is what tony does best, what the giants were fearing. when he gets out of the pocket, he can improvise and make plays. kevin ogletree read it, read the body language, went deep and got open. the next ball to ogletree was a double move. this was a blitz. they read it. and a great call by romo to get
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the ball to ogletree. he. >> and this is the third down -- this is a first down and 30. and the confidence, the decision-making by tony romo to see something, give a hand signal, run a double move into double coverage, and miles austin coming up with a huge play down the field. we questioned if tony romo can make these plays. >> yes. and with the game on the line they needed a first down to ice it. comes back to ogletree and wins the ball game. tony romo won this game for dallas tonight. >> and he had lost the last five games he had started against the giants. tonight 22 of 29 for 307. three tds and one pick. >> the secondary was deflated. they lost michael coe. and they've made a conscious effort to go after him. but tony romo plays smart, he plays sound. he delivered the ball on target tonight. >> we talked about demarco murray, his ability to take some of that pressure off tony romo and run the ball. they had a lot of success running the ball. but tony romo, you have to give him credit because no one
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thought he could come into giants stadium on the road and make those clutch throws in the third and fourth quarter and he did that today. >> all right, rodney, tony, thanks very much. we'll see you on sunday. the 2012 season -- here i am. right over here. the 2012 season is under way. the league's 30 other teams will be in action this sunday and monday. and you can get the latest nfl news and information from mike florio by tuning in to the all new "pro football talk" which airs tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. and every weekday on the nbc sports network, presented by chevrolet. the cowboys beat the giants 24-17. al and cris back to wrap things up after this. turns out he's an alien. the whole thing's one big dream. how about the one where a group of friends encounter something totally unexpected? very spicy... how's it end? with you driving us to wendy's. wendy's asiago ranch chicken club is totally unexpected. our boldly spicy whole filet... applewood smoked bacon... and natural asiago cheese. way past ordinary... that's wendy's way. now that's better. and now get a frosty for just 99 cents.
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talk about is peyton manning. it's what we'll talk about right now. everybody wants to see him in a different uniform. how effective will he be? the town will be going crazy. what a night that's going to be sunday. >> yeah. and i got a chance to watch the game tapes, obviously, of him going along. and the first two preseason games, eh, you know, it didn't look like him. and then in the third one he took a big-time shot. just as he was releasing the ball, completed the ball down the field about 40 yards. and from that moment on it was just the peyton manning show. here he goes. the nfl, they don't give you any easy spots out there. so you're going to come back, you're going to get traded to denver. okay. we're going to give you the number one defense in all of football. here come the pittsburgh steelers. we understand james harrison even practiced a bit today too. >> right. and they're of course in a very, very tough decision where you've got the cincinnati bengals, who went to the playoffs last yeah, obviously. we've got the baltimore ravens. but again, pittsburgh figures to be a team that figures to be very much there at the end. >> well, no question. and ben roethlisberger is going to match him throw for throw on the outside.
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and of course the pittsburgh steelers, they remember full well what happened to them in denver last night when they got knocked out of the playoffs by tim tebow and company. they'll be loaded up and ready for this one too. >> it will be a wild night. it's "football night in america." it's "sunday night football." it's pittsburgh at denver. and it comes your way in four nights. late local news except on the west coast coming up next. and "the tonight show with jay leno." for our producer fred gradelli, director, this is al michaels, cris collinsworth, and michele tafoya saying good night from the meadowlands, where the cowboys beat the giants.
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two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland. >> you are watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late breaking. this is 11 news tonight at 11:00. >> it was the bill clinton showed tonight at the democratic national conviction, but he did not take the spotlight from president obama. >> the to the president appeared onstage together after clinton's speech. >> the delegates are voting to renominate the president and
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vice-president after a rousing speech by former president bill clinton. former president bill clinton declared president obama a clear choice for restoring the economy and creating jobs. >> are we where we want to be today? no. is the president satisfied? of course not. but are we better off than we were when he took office? >> the democrats' top star blasted republicans. >> in tampa, the republican argument against the president of the reelection was actually pretty simple. when something like this. we left him a total mess. he has not cleaned it up fast enough. >> earlier in the evening, delegates booed during the controversial move to amend the platform.
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it added a reference to god. changes reportedly ordered by the president himself. it was the second night of impassioned speeches. >> let me ask you, america. we are ready to answer this call? -- are you ready to answer this call? >> the president's except that speech has been moved from a 74,000 seat stadium to this 15,000 seat arena. officials say the threat of severe weather forced them to make the change. sally kidd, wbal-tv 11 news. >> tonight along a serving of a woman in congress got a chance to address the dnc. senator barbara mikulski talk about the importance of having women in high political positions. >> when women are in the halls of power, our national debate
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reflect the needs and dreams of american families. it means congress is working to create jobs. that make child care more affordable and strengthen the middle-class. >> this is the the baltimore native's first role. she spoke in denver four years ago. >> a one-page document does not reveal the cause of the train derailment in ellicott city. investigators say they may not be able to determine that for another 12-18 months. they said the action occurred about 11:56 p.m. on august 20. -- the accident occurred. damage is estimated at $2.2 million. >> the condition of the perry hall high school student -- shooting victim is improving. he is now listed in serious condition. daniel's father sat down with
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tim tooten today to discuss his son and a startling incident that made national headlines last week. >> daniel is awesome. he had breakfast. he got up, took a walk around the fourth floor again. he is such a strong kid, strong- willed, strong mind, strong body. we tend to overlook some of that sometimes, but he is not out of the woods. >> technet to that monday. you had gotten -- take me back to that monday. you had gotten a call that something happened at perry hall. >> while driving down 95, i got a call that it was daniel. what was daniel? my son told me, daniel was shot.
11:53 pm
i had my moment, but i knew at that point in time, it was not time for that moment. >> what has been paramount in you all getting to the place where you are now, which is better than last monday? >> it doesn't matter that i get home and i hear from people that they are praying for you. it what does matter is the caring. to know that somebody thousands of miles away is praying for your son and praying for you, it does matter. >> yesterday a grand jury indicted 16-year-old robert blackmon jr. -- robert gladden jr. >> the jury found frank williams and william ward the third guilty of first-degree murder in
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the shooting death of 19-year- old rodney project at the mall last december. they allegedly orchestrated the hit because the victim this respected the gang. they will be sentenced on october 12. >> the building far northwest baltimore. crews were called to the 3700 block of for a slain this evening. planes were shooting through the third floor window. a firefighter suffered a shoulder injury while fighting a blaze. he was taken to a nearby hospital. officials at the building was vacant. >> 66 people across the country have died from the west nile virus, including one person from maryland. officials are taking steps to keep the mosquitos in check. sheldon dutes is live in the newsroom with more on that. >> state agriculture officials are stepping up their efforts to control the mosquito population and will be spraying affected neighborhoods across the central
11:55 pm
maryland area over the next couple of weeks, including milford mill. she was already paying close attention to her mosquito bites, but now that there has been confirmed evidence of the west nile virus in her neighborhood, she is worried about her safety. >> it is kind of scary. i have been watching on the news and wondering, do i have it, or something like that? it is very scary. >> because milford mill had evidence of west nile virus, the state agriculture barbara will spread area around 7:32 or not. residents are of what -- urge to avoid going outside in this break. >> the sprays will not down the mosquito population, which is most likely carrying the virus. this reduces human exposure. >> they need to do what they need to do. i am happy, if this is going to
11:56 pm
stop it and more people don't die or get sick from this disease, then do what you have to do. >> milford mill is not the only area that is apparently a risk. according to the state agriculture department, there has been west nile virus in the city, baltimore county, prince george's county, montgomery county, and the eastern shore. >> are you doing anything to keep the mosquitoes away from you? >> it is impossible because they are everywhere. >> there are things you can do to protect yourself, like getting rid of standing water around your home. containers like these are breeding grounds for mosquitoes. >> we should wear a long sleeved, light, loose living -- loose fitting clothes, and where repellents. >> for more information and a map of the areas that will be sprayed, just head to our website,
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sheldon dutes, wbal-tv 11 news. >> new york regain first place in the division, but that does not dampen the orioles. tonight. >> fans are already in the businesses are cashing in on the excitement. kai reed spent the day at camden yards. >> waiting in line and spending money. it has never felt so good. this man gladly spend four hundred dollars on tickets for thursday night's game. >> it is just exciting. it has been overseeing years, and it is an historic moment. >> fans have been lining up at the orioles box office for hours, caught up in the spirit sparked by tuesday nights when and new york's loss to tampa
11:58 pm
bay. most admit they have not felt it for very long time. >> i was at the last playoff game in 1997. >> sitting there watching them trying to get to first place last night, i was so happy. >> the orioles are looking at a nearly sold out weekend. the organization offered a ticket deals like four dollars bleacher seats. >> it is great for everybody. great for the orioles, fans, the city, businesses. >> and business is booming. sales are ignited at the pro shop. >> sales are hugely up. everyone wants orange. especially this weekend with the yankees in town. >> also sales at bars, restaurants, and hotels. the hilton said they are at capacity for the weekend. >> it will carry on from beyond
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this season. i think fans are really invested and excited to be part of it. >> i plan to be at the playoff game in october. we will be in the playoffs in october. >> kai reed, wbal-tv 11 news. >> i like that enthusiasm. this amazing run continues. hundreds attended a gala celebration for hall of famers al rifkin and 80 murray. >> -- cal ripken and eddie murray. >> baltimore's iron man will be honored with the unveiling of a larger-than-life bronze sculpture tomorrow night at orioles park at the legends
12:00 am
celebration series. murray receive the same honor last month. >> of next, the backlash is pouring in after comments made by baltimore county judge during a domestic violence case. >> thunderstorms moving of the midlantic rose, but there is more in the
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>> there were calls for the ousting a baltimore county judge bruce lamdin tonight. there was a domestic violence case that he oversaw. >> >> live, local, late- breaking. was removed -- lamdin was
12:03 am
removed from the bench yesterday. next this woman came to the court because she was really scared. >> that launchner was commenting on what happened in the court room of baltimore county judge bruce lamdin. a woman described two incidents in her home and ask lamdin to remove him from her home. he told her to get out and go to a shelter. >> it is our house. i am his wife. >> it is his house. i don't care what the police say. you took the easy way out. >> that is not yet at all. >> you could get out of the house any time you want. >> with what? with what? >> that is not my concern. is your concern. your concern is money.
12:04 am
>> instead of helping, the judge torments and harasses her. he really kind of fortress her through what should be a really simple process. >> lamdin has been removed from hearing cases pending a review of how he handled the case. he was suspended for 30 days without pay in 2008 for inappropriate comments in a variety of cases, but don't count him out. as our investigation showed last year, washington county judge kennedy boone was permitted to stay on the bench despite a drug driving incident by taking a breathalyzer each morning in his chambers. judge darrell russell was permitted to work until he retired, despite marrying the couple that appear before him in a domestic violence case. judges in maryland police their own on questions of misconduct, but in 40 years, only 11 judges have been referred for rem


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